Behind the Scenes: DKNY Fragrances

(Behind the Scenes with DKNY)
We just recently wrapped our DKNY Fragrances shoot! As DKNY’s Core Girl, I think I’ve gotten to play with just about every single “Be Delicious” and “pureDKNY” scent. Every vanilla, every rose. I’m clearly obsessed. I left our shoot smelling like a mix of apples, vanilla, verbana, and rose thanks to having to spritz myself during each take! Oh, and this time around, we even snapped up some shots in nothing but a little towel. Luckily, there weren’t any towel slips…well, maybe. There was definitely that “woops, I accidentally sprayed myself in the eye!” moment (luckily, I was totally fine!) Anyways, it was if the apple was following me around everywhere…at home in bed, around the city. It may be my absolute favorite bottle, signifying the city that’s taken me in with open arms, embraced me, and given me a whole new life. I’m so excited to see the final results. Shot by one of my favorite photographers, Carmen Chan, who I’ve worked with so many times throughout my modeling days, our first being back in LA for campaign over 3 years ago. I’m just so happy she came all the way from Hong Kong for our shoot this past week. I love all the cool and crazy girls I always get to work with. 
Stay tuned as these images slowly get released throughout the year!
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