Banana Boot

A East Hampton weekend full of gloom and rain needed some real uplifting. I packed a ton of colors in preparation! Rainbow striped perfection by Lauren Moffatt and those YELLOW, YELLOW Modern Vice “Bond” BOOTIES I’ve always had my eyes on! Talk about gorgeous. I’ve wanted them every since I saw a sample over at my boyfriend’s factory just sitting on his desk. The natural sole, supple leather, and in the most beautiful “banana” shade I’ve ever seen! These beauties were a little something the boy brought home just before our getaway, the smell of them so fresh and straight off the cobbler’s hands. My shoe collection is ever growing, and already, I think I’m going to need a bigger apartment…or maybe a floor to ceiling rack! Anyways, I already miss our little East Hampton abode. Those long drives along the water, overlooking our white balcony, and curling up for cozy breakfasts in the diner off the Montauk coast. So necessary when you live in literally a concrete jungle. I am so craving another slow and long weekend after what’s been a whirlwind week. We’re expanding the JETT collection, and I’ve still managed to fit in those full day shoots in the mix. It’s those late night parties that just happen to fall on a workday that make weeks in the city feel all the more intense! Finally, I am having a quiet Sunday morning…that is, until we’re off to Bushwick for their one crazy art fest that the boys are throwing. I’m already showering and getting ready. People always ask me “how do you always keep going?”… and I guess the only answer is that I just like life that way, when excitment and discovery doesn’t really stop. Follow everything in between on my Instagram!
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52 Responses to Banana Boot

  1. Panty Buns says:

    I love these photos of you. Your lipstick and eyes look beautiful. I love the way you model the Big Star dress and colourful Lauren Moffatt top. It’s a wonderful season to visit the Hamptons. Hopefully you will find perfect days in between the late Spring showers for your next visit. I wonder whether you’ll be out on the East End for the Hamptons Classic in Bridgehampton this year? Good luck with your shoe organizing 🙂

  2. Paint Me Blooming says:

    Babe, I’m so in love with your style! You´re definitely an amazing blogger. All your looks are simply wild and perfect! love every piece of your clothes. You´re so sweet with the banana shoe touch added to the ensemble!

    😉 xoxo

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