Sleepy Roadtrip

(Element “misha” dress, RVCA denim jacket, Jenny Bird bucket bag, Modern Vice “Carly” booties (email to PRE-ORDER), Worth & Worth panama hat, Vanessa Mooney dagger necklace, Kirsten Goss cuff)
Roadtrips are what I live for. Sleepy girls in the backseat. The new Nationals album on repeat, soothing my mind. With the window down, the humidity glistened our faces. We were headed for East Hampton. It’s my first time venturing into this beautiful place. Everything seems white. Next to the post little restaurants happen to be charming island homes…the wood chipping off the roofs, and perfect little black shutters. So much green! More green and mist than I can handle. It was gorgeous. Just before the rain started to dampen our nights, my sister and friend made our way out back….where we were staying was surrounded by a quiet field of green grass and mystical trees. Blowing bubbles, Dylana and our friend were enjoying our time playing on this new land. With the whole city dressed in casual and linen-y neutrals, I instead, wore a zig-zag little mod dress! Slit sleeves and all! This little number could have been straight out of a 60’s film. My Panama hat kept flying away but luckily I always caught it along the way! Eventually we got tired and watched the rain from our balcony. Our hotel was lined with portraits of the ocean and seashells. All I really wanted to do was put on the bikini and head to the beach. If only I packed my wellies…so I could head out onto the beachy sand in peace.
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