Pink Trees

I was just heading back to the city from our upstate New York getaway, and honestly, I wanted nothing more than to curl up in the backseat of our car, munch on the chocolate we picked up in New Paltz, and catch some sleep in a good denim jean and striped sweater…my two go-to’s for any travel destination. There are some mornings that I just want to be as simple as ever. No fringe, no crazy layers (all things I’m extremely, extremely fond of.) I always think “ok, a striped sweater, and I can be done with it.” I realized all I had was an old tattered striped sweater I picked up at a Paris thrift shop late last year. I wore it to the bone, as I do with any striped top. I still refuse to throw it away. Luckily, I’m beginning to stock up. This Tailor & Stylist classic is one to always throw in the ol’ suitcase! A super cute shop started by a tailor and his stylist wife. Talk about adorable. I’m all for cute designer couples. Paired with the best little leopard hat known to man, my older sister’s coat (yes, I refuse to give it back), and a girly clog sandal, it’s another look my friends call 80’s Berlin. I love the simple things to bring us into Spring! Happy Monday!

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