(AGAIN lace dress, Cheap Monday sweater (similar here), Modern Vice “rebel yell” denim jacket, HUNTER boots (original), Jenny Bird netted handbag, The 2 Bandits cuffs, Ax + Apple spike ring, Karen London jewerly, Vanessa Mooney necklace)

Did I ever mention that Nolita has been my life lately? Walking it’s quaint streets calm my mind after a long day’s work. It’s always where I meet my friends. It’s where I grab my boyfriend’s hand and lead him to whenever we leave the apartment. I never really realized how much I love this little nook of Manhattan. There’s still that grunge, authentic NYC edge to it. The restaurants and shops are teeny tiny but hold the most beautiful treasures. I feel lucky to live only steps away. These were snapped in Nolita with my sister and boyfriend. We were walking the streets long before most of lower Manhattan was even awake. I’m always the one up early, brewing the coffee, opening the windows, and begging everyone to get up. I’m restless in a really weird way. I like to sleep, but I love starting my days early. This morning we were headed to Cafe Habana. It being the first time going to this Cuban corner joint, I was happily skipping over puddles from the last night’s rain. The morning dew felt refreshing in the empty streets as I made my way down Elizabeth in nothing but wellies, and what may be one of my favorite little lace dresses. One step up from lingerie, it daringly flaunted a little beige slip. I love bare legs, rain boots, and something a bit unexpected on the top. I always ask my boyfriend before I leave the house, “is this just too weird?” Luckily, he’s always on my side and normally likes what I’ve thrown on. But really, weekends are when I don’t have to get dressed for anyone. Just myself.

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  1. Piia Õunpuu says:

    Love that dress, so beautiful! And i’m exactly the same in the mornings! I absolutely love sleeping, but I hate the feeling that it kind of wastes my time to do something useful. SO I love to get up quite early and get up to something in the mornings!

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  2. Inez An says:

    I am usually not the biggest Hunter-boots-fan, but this outfit looks great with them!

    Never been in NYC but when I go, I’ll remember this post 😉



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