Green is Good

If I also could just have my own greenhouse, I totally would. I’m obsessed. The smell, the humidity…all the little elements of the Earth pull me in everytime. I could spend all day just photographing flowers. Crouching down, capturing those vibrant colors, and just getting so up close and personal, inspecting each vein of a leave, as crazy as it is! In Upstate New York there’s so much of Mother Nature…so much green, so much mountain, so much rock. It’s a lot for an LA native to discover beyond the concrete NYC streets. Two days up in the mountains felt like eternity. I spent my last afternoon snuggled up in an extra large cable knit sweater, squinting in the sun, behind rectangular lenses, tugging at my mini dress in hopes of nobody seeing up my skirt and catching a glimpse of my knickers! But we were in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around…I guess it didn’t really matter! My yellow JETTS happened to match the sun, slowly becoming more and more broken in as I walked through the rubble.  I wish to go back to that one moment…all of us just lying on the grass by an empty house, and a yard full of lonely benches. Only the sounds of birds chirping and the hikers below could wake us. It’s nearly Memorial Day weekend and I am beyond excited. A group of my pals and I are heading up to Montauk and the Hamptons for some surf and sun! Just 2 more days suriviving the last minute fittings and work in the city, before I can get my surf on!

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  2. Natalie Rose says:

    This post just incapsulates the breath of fresh air weekend getaways to nature brings. I think flowers are my favorite thing to photograph, as I am just learning and there natural beauty is very forgiving!

    I love your blog so much, you are an inspiration to me both style wise and your outlook on life. I would love if you checked out my fashion/art/DIY blog and told me what you think!
    Thank you so much xoxo,
    Halfway to Harmony

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