Dolce & Gabbana shoot: #DGNYC

Dolce & Gabbana shot by Mark Iantosca

Take a peek inside my latest shoot for Dolce &Gabbana, just in time for their Dolce & Gabbana flagship store opening here in NYC! This is one iconic fashion house in Italy I’ve only dreamt of working with. Can you say #DGNYC?! The new store is absolutely beautiful! Giant glass windows, lush vevlet cushionings, and of course, some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I’ve ever seen lining the walls. I got to meet with the Milano Dolce & Gabbana team just the other week for our fitting and I  fell in love with the Sicilian inspired looks. The stripes, the prints, the extra large earrings. Even the stilettos felt good on. I tried on everything from a super tiny floral mini, to a stripe on stripe matching bustier and skirt. I ended up falling in love with blue ensemble…it’s very Italian, very colorful, and most of all, it fit like a glove. The minute I had it on, the whole team knew this is what we’d shoot in. They wanted me to share my NYC story…and lord know, lots of crazy things happen in a short amount of time here.

We ended up shooting by the Brooklyn Bridge, a place that holds so much meaning to me. Fresh faced from LA, I moved to DUMBO, Brooklyn…living in an artist’s loft with 5 other people. Everyone in the house wasn’t originally a New Yorker, yet was here to make something of themselves…whether it be making art, or becoming an actor. Yoga happened in the living rooms, and the brick walls were covered in beautiful splashed paintings. I’m happy I had somewhat of a family to introduce me to this crazy place. I was just moving my modeling career to NYC, and was just adjusting to the humid summer heat. It wasn’t until I crossed the bridge over to the place to where it’d all happen, to the place I’d soon fall in love with, MANHATTAN. I remember walking from the West to the East Village and thinking…”how can this place be real?” It felt like a movie set. The energy, the beauty, sucked me in. The parks so picture-perfect always was so calmingly alluring, a place to stop and breathe in the midst of the neverending go, go, go. I never wanted to stop moving, and I couldn’t close my eyes. I craved to learn more about this beautiful place. To this day I remember this feeling, and I never ever wanted it to go away. When you’re so excited and visually stimulated you don’t know what to do! NYC suddenly wasn’t that scary and intimidating place I thought it was, but rather a place full of beauty and love. There were endless possibilites and doors just waiting to be opened. My sister and I would spend morning till night in the city on the weekends, before we ended up walking the Brooklyn Bridge back home late at night. We’d get ice cream to cool us down as we got back to the loft, just to laugh over our full day’s adventures. I never knew how quickly I’d be over that bridge, living in the city full time. I think I’ve moved 5 times since I’ve been here, but it’s worth it. All the little baby steps have led me to where I am now, and I couldn’t feel stronger or happier. I’ve met so many interesting people here, and people I’ll spend the rest of my live with. I’m so thankful for how everything’s worked out. It’s almost like a fairytale now that I think of it. It was at first just a summer in NYC for work…now it looks like NYC for life.

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