Beach and Back

Now being back in NYC, I do miss those California sunsets. The way it seeps through the leaves behind this church. The smoke of barbeque making it’s way through the fence. The All-American hot summer nights, worthy of staying up until the sun rises. My friends and I here in New York are already planning out our Memorial Day weekend get-away, before everything’s suddenly booked. We’re thinking lots of beach, sand, and a bit of bronzer. I mean, why not?! I’m ready to bring back the little fringed tops, and sheer tie-dye flares. Pieces to throw over a bikini. Here, I’ve just come home from Venice Beach the other week, and came to this little spot. It’s where Dylana and I would always come to shoot after a long day’s work back in LA. The light is always extremely angelic, and it brings back floods of memories from our youth…jumping over fences of the empty parking lots, to just to get that shot. I still love sneaking back there now, when nobody’s looking. 
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