A Woman to Admire

It’s Mother’s Day and there’s nothing more I want than to be with both my mom and my dad! I know they’re in LA together, probably having the time of their lives together, just missing their two daughters, both stuck on the East Coast. I’ve gone back and looked through the photos I have of my mom…and the more I look, the more I see her beauty, and still to this day, she looks exactly the same. My father was clearly obsessed with her, and took hundreds, thousands of photos of her, and of Dylana and I when we were kids. Beautiful photos that’ll last a lifetime. He was always the one behind the lens, capturing everything in sight. I guess I’m in love with photography because of him. She’s Chinese…grew up in Malaysia, before moving to London, then LA, where she met my father. Her beauty is timeless and she always has a serene look to her. As a child, I’d wanted nothing more than to be held and to play with her hair. She’s a woman unlike any other. She lives by Feng Shui and always told me she has a “sixth sense” (so oddly true!) Her style is impeccable, and I trust her opinion on anything I wear. Growing up, I’d sneak into her bathroom to try the lipsticks on her counter, and splash on her countless perfumes, before getting caught and carried out of the room before I made a mess. She was a glamorous woman. Ferragamo flats were her go-to, and little Chanel bags still to this day, hang in her wardrobe. Tall for an Asian woman, like the rest of her family, she’d float about in long beautiful maxi dresses, or sport a bustier and high waisted shorts on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica as a young mom. She’s talkative and not really afraid of anything…and she’ll always fight for her family and what’s right. I mean, she has definitely put up with Dylana and I, and made a beautiful home to grow up in…filled with delicious curry soups and gorgeous gardens. My mom’s the perfectionist…and I love every little thing about her. Just writing this post makes me miss her even more. I love you Mom with all my heart! This is one woman to admire.

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36 Responses to A Woman to Admire

  1. Lyrica Onyrica says:

    Wow, didn’t know you had chinese roots!! That would explain lot of your special beauty! (your father obviously has something to do, but asian genes have the powaaaa hahaha). Lovely post, love the analogic texture! Here in Spain the mom’s day was last week, 5th May. It was my first mom’s day 😁😁😁.

    Memories… Sigh. So far but still so present!



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  3. Paint Me Blooming says:

    Such an amazing touching post!
    I am currently far away from home, and it makes me understand even more how important family is!
    That’s a nice dedicated post dear, sure your mom is proud of you 🙂


  4. Krissy says:

    I always wondered about your heritage! I thought there was a bit of Asian in you, but I wasn’t sure. Now I know! 🙂
    Your mother is gorgeous! And I totally agree with what you said about her looks never changing – I’m the same with my Mum. Its as if she’s never aged over the years!

  5. Maria Ozawa says:

    Hey, greeting from Malaysia! 😀

    A bit shocked knowing that your mum is an Asian. No wonder you have that pretty look! And I’m SO SO SO in love with all your fashion styles.

    Wish to meet you someday haha


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