Yellow Brick Road

(American Apparel hat, Vintage coat, Chaser Brand tee, Goldsign highwaisted jeans, Marie Turnor bag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” SUMMER JETT boots)
Who knew Easter would be filled with so many gigs, and so much music. We danced front row to everything from some real British rock n’ roll, to some local Blues boys (tambourines and TROMBONES!) There was CAKE, and of course, there were nights ending at 4am. By Sunday afternoon, I could do nothing but actually plop down into bed early, as I could barely hold my head up, yet still managed to fill my night with sappy movies. There are always some weekends that just don’t feel like reality. Lately, I’ve been walking down the yellow brick road in my head…only my coat’s red, and my shoe’s are a bright yellow. Meet our new shoe design, the “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” SUMMER JETT! This has been one shoe I’ve been dying to release. Keeping our signature 3 buckles, kiltie, but adding a contrasting sole, and beautiful toe details. I can’t get enough of it! Yes, this baby comes in numerous colors…the yellow always stealing the show.  With the highest waist of jeans that I own, and a rock tee, they’re the perfect summer shoe! If only it’d get warmer and I can pair it with tiny dresses. With work, it looks like I’ll be seeing sunshine pretty soon anyways!! Making my way from Palm Springs to Vencie Beach mid-April. This LA girl needs some sunshine already!

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