We Are the Times

(7 for all Mankind corduroy flares, Evil Twin denim jacket, RVCA top, Aldo boots, M. Hulot bag, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Ela Rae chain bracelet, Jenny Bird snake cuff/ring)

Weekends in the city are getting more and more beautiful. It’s hard to explain. With just a little sun, a peek of Spring, there’s a change a mood. The happiness, the “I want to just walk in the park,” and almost, a sudden relief. Yesterday was incredible. I am having one weekend of calmness, before a super crazy week of shooting and work, before I’m off to bake in the desert heat (hello Coachella!) Just the walk home from brunch got me in a good mood. The boyfriend and I ended up playing remixed tunes in the house, as I got changed into one of my favorite little get-ups. Cord FLARES, YIN-YANG denim, my M. Hulot bag that’s just the right size for a cellphone and lipstick, and of course one of my all time favorite tees. One perfect for curling on the couch, and lying in the park. Yes, YIN-YANG is my new obsession thanks to Evil Twin (I’ve got the whole bustier and shorts set all ready for the summer ahead) and I live by my tee: “THESE ARE THE DAYS. WE ARE THE TIMES.” It’s true, today is all we’ve got! With a walk to the park, I was amazed by Washington Square Park’s glow. The red shining off of NYU…and people. Lots of people. Some lying on the grass playing a guitar, while others, well, most, were having one of the city’s largest pillow fights!! I was pleasantly suprised it was National Pillow Fight Day, making the day seem even lighter and more beautiful. If only crazy things like this happened everyday! Ended with some piano in the park, I thought, yep…todayw as the best day to wear this tee. We are the times. 

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48 Responses to We Are the Times

  1. Janneke says:

    Oh Natalie! Love your pictures and outfit! That pillow fight seems so much fun.
    I really do appreciate it that sometimes you comment on my blog,
    feel very honnored that a great model like you does that 🙂

    Have a nice day!


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