Tree House Stems

(Rebecca Taylor striped top, Vintage Levi’s shorts, Chaser Brand leather jacket, The 2 Bandits cuffs and V rings, Karen London silver ring, Ippolita “silver band” ring, Vintage Ferragamo sandals)
There is something about tree houses that I love. The climb up, the sun shining through the windows, the little ladybugs climbing up the vines. It’s pure and simple, and I could stay up there forever. While I was away, my boyfriend looked up all of the secret spots in the city. This being one of them. He’s always one to pleasantly surprise me when I’m least expecting it. It’s the perfect hideout. The little house is surrounded by a gorgeous garden, full of tulips and trees. I could curl up in that little corner forever…and read the Giant Book of Questions and Answers. It’s a place to daydream and wander on the weekends. I went there Saturday…and intentionally ran by it on my morning run Sunday morning just to smell the lush of the Earth for the second day in a row. A simple weekend after weeks of traveling are always needed. Just a striped top, some destoryed denim shorts, and swipe of red-orange lip balm (another Stila item I can’t get enough of) always tucked in the bottom of my bag. 
Though the week’s getting crazy, at least I know I can stop by here anytime I want.
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