SXSW: No Badge Needed

(RVCA tee and denim jacket, Hudson “Nico” jeans, Free People hat, We are Handsome tunic, Vintage Shoe Co. “Covington” boots, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT MESSENGER bag)
I’m taking you back a bit to my first night in Texas. After our flight and finally checking into our hotel, we hopped in a gypsy cab downtown, and ended up right smack dab in the middle of 6th street. We STILL agree our driver was drunk. The music was loud, the crowds crazy, and I think the whole city was down there for the night. The dreadlocks. The boys and their guitars high their backs. There really was a little bit of everything roaming the streets. Bars were completely packed, and you could literally see gigs just by walking down the sidewalk. FREE LIVE MUSIC!! All everyone needed on this crazy night. I was just happy to survive the crowds to snap photos, and with my 3 giant handbags! Talk about looking like a tourist. And the HEAT! First time in months we’ve felt anything like it. Laughing and smiling because we didn’t need a stupid heavy coat. So there you have it, our first night was incredible. Right away we knew SXSW was going to be amazing. After trying our very first tex-mex taco, we were back at our hotel for a short snooze, anxiously awaiting our first full day at SXSW. I miss these nights, just before what was an inspiring adventure. 

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  1. ponyhunter says:

    Looks like a lot of fun, and what an amazing hat! Hey, I’m going to be in America for the majority of May and will be in New York from the 20th, let me know if you’ll be around, would love to grab a coffee if you are (and Kelsea too!!) x


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