Rose Gold Glow

I’m currently addicted to metallics. Silver, gold, ROSE GOLD. I spotted this metallic rose gold leather jacket and I knew I had to have it. Already, my Muubaa leather jacket collection is growing. I’m honestly really obsessed with these soft, buttery things. There really is nothing cooler than a real beautiful biker jacket. One shine-y enough to stop traffic!! We had one gorgeous and slightly warm day this weekend and I thought, finally…a day without a one of those dreadful coats currently lying on one of my couches. Only a mint overalled dress, tank, and bucket bag to boot! Snapped in one of Soho’s most famous alleys, we met an old veteran to the street…a guy who secretly spies on the street all day, counting how many people stop by and take photos. I caught him taking a film shot of my boyfriend and I before he came up to talk to us. He lived up in those shuttered windows, and because the street was always so quiet, threw a TV down. Talk about insanity. Now everytime I walk by, I’m going to find that dude lurking in the corner spying on all those who want a little bit of this alley’s lovin’. 

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63 Responses to Rose Gold Glow

  1. Lizzy says:

    I am completely in love with the pink metallic biker jacket. I. Want. It.
    Aside from the jacket (adorable), I can’t help but to absolutely adore the rest of the outfit- so cute


  2. Alice says:

    Too precious, Natalie!
    As soon as my eyes fell upon this post, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Crazily enough, I created a Polyvore inspiration board that is essentially exactly what you’re wearing! I was dreaming of things I hoped to wear in New York and it turns out you were already doing it. That just goes to show how much I adore your style and how you and your wardrobe are so effortlessly cool!!

    Overall dresses are a little bit out of the norm but I love that your cargo version makes them a little more utilitarian and down-to-earth (as opposed to being overtly “fashion-y” and runway model-esque). The neutral green provides a nice base for the stunning sparkly leather jacket whereas your brown bucket bag and boots merely complement that warm toned green. As for your rings, wowzers! Your piled on jewelry has such a fun, eclectic vibe and feels so imperfectly perfect. Everything just combines to give off a grownup schoolgirlish gypsy meets urban chic girl vibe 🙂

    As for the old veteran, interesting interesting. People can be all sorts of unusual, whether in a good way or a bad way…

    Hope you’re having a great week! <3


  3. Natalie Rose says:

    I love this look, and how effortless it is. I love overalls, but I think I need to find an overall dress! Your photos really scream happiness and being care free. I love it!



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