Life’s been a big bundle of events this past month. I already find myself trading in the skinny jeans for high waisted skirts and cropped tops…on rainy days I hide beneath my leopard hat…my family in Malaysia keeps thinking my boyfriend looks like the Armani model…my sister, Dylana, has more flares than I do…there’s always those long hours in the hair/makeup chair…our Modern Vice JETT can be found in super rad stores around the city (Cloak & Dagger, Wink) and I always go in and awkwardly take photos of our own shoes…I still go through my Texas photos only to make myself miss Austin and it’s dimly lit hideouts and rad guitars…the East Village is my new home (again), but now I’ve got an amazing pink striped couch. YEP, things really are looking good this month…plus, I pulled the best April Fools on everybody I know. It’s been a WIN WIN, and I’m excited for what’s to come!

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39 Responses to OFF DUTY ON DUTY

  1. Demy says:

    Hahah, your boyfriend does look like the Armani model! 😀 Let me guess your April Fools joke: did you tell everyone you’re pregnant?? Cause that’s what my mom told us and I totally bought it 😛


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