Long Strides

(Muubaa burgundy leather jacket, Cheap Monday denim skirt, Lovers & Friends grey sweater, Dr. Martens boot, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT MESSENGER bag)

These past few days, I’ve gone back to black. But only for a little bit. Lord knows I always need me some color! But yes, I’ve suddenly been throwing on my blackest of denim, my heavest of leather jackets, and knit sweater. Here, I’ve got this killer Cheap Monday find…the long maxi denim skirt. Yes, it’s a bit punk, but also something I think my mum would have worn back in the day. It’s only necessary to take extremely long strides with this baby, paired with a good chunky platform. Who said girls always had to be dainty? I mean, I learned from Dy, who as a kid traded in ballet tutus for platform sneakers hehe! Anyways, it’s back to work today…in between a morning stop at the agency, to checking in at the factory. Luckily, there are always lunch breaks in the park! Come Spring, days begin earlier and earlier, and are ending later and later. One more week, until just pure music and fun in the desert sun! Patiently waiting in my heavy layers…

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  1. zafar says:

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  2. StarCatcher says:

    last night I couldn’t fall sleep so i was playing with this Flashble iPhone reader i just downloaded. I tripped across your blog and fell into love instantly. You’re beautiful, and your writing is… superb!!! I never like read on iPhone, but i finished reading all your posts on Flashable (20ish in total?)… When I read those words, I felt I was there with you at every moment!

    “There are always some weekends that just don’t feel like reality. Lately, I’ve been walking down the yellow brick road in my head…only my coat’s red, and my shoe’s are a bright yellow.”

    “Bodies were lathered in oil, and everywhere I turned, everyone was that perfect golden brown.”

    “I’m excited to let my hair down, and throw on the fringed vests, and denim cut-offs. The roadtrip up to LA is all about the leather trousers, and band tees we pick up a long the way. The freedom of having so much open space to play with! Adventures I live for every single year. That little bit of home I always get to revisit.”

    “That whole 60’s vibe…the boys with long hair, dancing front row at every show, the sounds of the electric guitar. It’s addicting. I’m now back in NYC walking down the street, still thinking of the shows, and how I wish life were a constant rock concert…with music everywhere I turn. “

    How crazily good is those writing?!!! You’ve got a new fan!


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