LA: Home away from Home

(Gypsy Junkies kimono, Jarlo London dress, The 2 Bandits longboard ring, Jenny Bird snake cuff, Brixton hat, Karen London necklace, gold cuff, silver cuff)
I’m in LA for one more week of work! It means getting to shack up in my parent’s beautiful wooden abode, reminiscing over my high school days, discovering what’s left in my old closet, and of course, missing NYC and the boyfriend loads. That’s the only thing about traveling, I wish I could always bring everyone I love with me. Anyways, here is a teeny tiny sneak peek into one part of our house. Everything’s wood, records are on the walls, and floral quilts cover every bed. I’ve been living in Dylana’s old bedroom for the week, and I love the sun that shines in over the west side of the bed. I’ve finally hung up a few pieces I’ll need for my last few days here. It’s very warm and beautiful, so all I need are a few mini-dresses, watercolored kimonos, hats, and of course, beautiful bold jewels. I just picked up these Karen London pieces and I cannot take them off. The gold cuff makes me feel like a warrior princess…in the best kind of way. I know the week is going to go by fast, and so I’m spending every spare moment with friends, and of course, spending time with my mom and pops…who have missed having their two daughters away for so long. I’m happy to be around even if it’s just for a little bit.
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