Harmonica Tranquility

My family’s LA backyard is forever sun soaked. The white of our chairs has gotten whiter since last year when I was in town, yet the brick’s just as red as it’s always been. We’ve got a simple pool. Square, and almost always has a few scattered leaves thanks to our surrounding trees. All of it make me immediately go back in time. To when Dylana and I were kids, filling up the pool with a water hose from the upper level…to when I had my Sweet 16 and there were crazy hormonal teenagers everywhere, turning the lights of our rec room on and off before running out into the pool with their clothes on. Now, our house is our quiet little getaway. A place to relax and all get back together during the holidays, and a place to escape New York winters. I love our house and always miss it when I’m gone. And because all of my guitars are out in NYC, I’ve been using this harmonica…a little gift from Free People down in Palm Springs. I find myself always keep it in my bag, in case I ever need some music.

For now, I’m just finally catching up on sleep. Tomorrow’s shoot calls for being up at 5 a.m, so it is definitely bedtime for me!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Your ying and yang pants and top are so perfectly representing your east and west coast living! How lucky you are to have a gorgeous childhood home to retreat to, with your cherished family, during the chilling winters!!

    Hope you have a relaxing music-making time in Cali!

    Lauren at adorn la femme


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