FESTIVAL: Morning till Night

(Free People skirt, Gypsy Junkies tank, Urban Outfitters DimePieceLA hat, Jenny Bird pink beaded necklace and blue bracelet, Stela 9 backpack, Rebecca Minkoff camera bag, Stance Socks, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” SUMMER JETT shoe)

Coachella days are intense…they’re super long, and from morning till night, I’m up and running…whether it be on that cup of coffee in the morning, or that orange Powerade you get at the festival. And honestly, by the time the shows are over, my eye makeup’s a bit smudged, there’s a few knots in my hair, and I’ve got one or two bruises after bumping into people through the crowds. Thankfully, I am now fully recovered and well rested, and ready to get back to work! But here are some of my last shots from the crazy festival…from dusk till dawn! It got hotter as the days went on, and so I went with one teeny little get-up…a tie-dyed fringe blouse, studded skirt, and of course, our yellow SUMMER JETT shoe, now worn in to perfection. My friends and I at the Free People house spent a lazy morning in the backyard, first beginning with a crazy yoga session by the pool, before getting spoiled with the hair gals at Dry Bar. Pretty soon Dylana had repunzel-like locks, I had a colorful braid, and Bridgette had branches sticking out of her beautiful red hair! We looked like we stepped out of a jungle book to say the least. I miss every minute of it. I miss my East Coast girls. I miss those sunsets over the palm trees. I miss all of the dancing. Anyways, I’m making every last day here in LA last. The slow pace is just what I need before getting back in the NYC groove.

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