COACHELLA: A Weekend Abode

(FEATURING: Hudson “photo bloom” Jeans, Free People dress, and flare pants, Stela 9 backpack, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” yellow SUMMER JETT, Stance Socks, MinkPink one-piece and crochet top, We are Handsome purple suit, RVCA pants, Lolli Swim bikini, and Urban Outfitters Dimepiece LA hat)
The desert really is such an inspiring place to shoot! Here are just a few of my snapshots from my cell…some of which, I think capture the whole vibe of Coachella more than what I caught on my big black cam! All instantanious, all with my phone conveniently tucked in my back pocket. It all started at our Free People house, which was just too picture perfect. The floral tee-pees by the pool, the flower lily’s floating about, our gorgeous printed bedspread. Our house was a big, and magical place. A place where you could find girls out back doing yoga in the morning, or piecing together flower crowns by night. I though, felt most at home by the pool…a baseball cap the only thing to shade my face. I could stare up at those palm trees all day. My bedroom quickly became covered in clothes. My Hudson jeans lying inside out on the ground, damp bikini’s hanging in the shower, and my yellow shoes somewhere in the corner. I had the best time getting dressed this time around for Coachella. With a nearly overweight suitcase, I was bound to put together some looks that I loved! Crocheted tanks, beaded minis, and oversize flowing dresses. Coachella, I miss your free spirit! I’m currently in LA, surviving on what’s left in my Coachella suitcase for one more week of work. My agency’s got me more busy than I can handle. Then, it’s back to NYC I gooooo for a full jampacked month of May! I’m soaking in the sun while I can!
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  1. Juliette Laura says:

    Such fun photos! I love how instant and spontaneous they are! You are right! Really captures the free spirit vibe! Flower crowns and yoga are my favorite things so that free people house sounds ideal. I’m a college student in Boston so thanks for posting such a great post, really serves as a get away admist everything that’s happening.
    Juliette Laura


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