Cactus Juice

(Free People “quilted rose” dress and “fold up” leather hat, Vanessa Mooney “longhorn” necklace, Stela 9 patchwork backpack, Maison Scotch  + Soda turqoise ring, “Natalie _ Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” SUMMER JETT shoe)

I just got back to NYC, and though there’s loads of exciting things happening this week, I’ve still got California in the back of my mind. It was 2 weeks of work, LA style, and one spent like it were the old days with my mom and pops…two of the coolest people I know. Driving me to and from fittings, spending a whole day out if I were on location for a shooting. Anything, they were there. And I honestly cannot wait to see them again! And of course, there’s Dylana. My sister, partner-in-crime, and best friend. We’re always thinking the same thing, it’s almost scary! Anyways, here she snapped me just before our very last day at Coachella. Before sun-down, before the sand storms, and before we both came home and looked in the mirror, only to find a dark brown sand glued to our faces! I wanted to be extra comfortable for the last day during our desert adventure. I slipped into one super soft, oversize quilted dress, and our Modern Vice yellow SUMMER JETT. Getting dressed was easy peasy. Dylana and I both had our suitcases wide open, clothes everywhere…so it’s no surprise she ended up in my Lovers & Friends lace tank and scarf. Sharing is the best. Anyways, this year proves once again that there’s nothing better than the desert sun after a looong winter. Even the cactus, and almost too perfectly paved roads were picture-perfect. Though nights get cold, there’s always the sun in the morning to warm your bones.  

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  1. Lyrica Onyrica says:

    The sun in Spain is unique, but nothing like the sun of California… It’s like honey-ed. Really wish to go there some day!

    Love the pictures and your outfits! Is the print of your dress the same as the scarf’s???



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