Let’s Hear it SXSW!

And now for a teeny tiny peek into my SXSW adventures here in Austin, Texas!! I have to admit, this city is incredibly rad. It’s like another version of Brooklyn. Some say it’s better, but I guess I’d just say it’s different, and I love it…a whole lot! There are a hell of a lot more taco trucks (I mean, we are only a few hours from Mexico!), more hipsters than you’d find on Bedford, and just as much incredibly good music. I can’t even count how many amazing bands we’ve seen so far. Unlike any other music festival, here is where I can actually discover brand new bands. I love walking up to the stage, having no idea what to expect, and leave completely mind-blown, telling all my friends “they are my favorite band!” like a crazy fan girl. Lately, I’ve been lathering sunscreen before heading out early for day shows, in nothing but little denim cut-offs, maxi dresses, layered with rock n’ roll muscle tees. Many of which are probably here on MyHabit.com (and definitely for some killer prices!) It’s just another Amazon site that I can spend hours browsing for specific pieces I need for my travels. My festival looks are literally throw on and go. I do this thing where I kind of throw in my suitcase tons of things that sort of flow. Tomorrow is my last day, and there are still so many events and shows to rock out to. I don’t think I’ve partied this hard in a long time! Gigs may be my favorite thing in the entire world! You know the show’s good when you’re screaming so loud that by the end, you sort of can’t hear yourself. Probably not incredibly healthy, but it’s only for a few days right?! You only live once, and it’s FESTIVAL SEASON. I’m going all out. 
Stay tuned on Instagram (natalieoffduty) as I share some of my new favorite bands and artists who’ve played in this crazy cool city called AUSTIN. I still have so many more images to show you.
For now, sign up today to MyHabit.com to grab some killer festival looks! And see more behind the scenes of my music festival adventures on My Habit’s THE FIX!

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  1. Juliette Laura says:

    These pictures are so rad! And your outfits and the way you put them together is so cool! Your writing makes me wish I was at SXSW (not that I wasn’t wishing already!) Can’t wait to see more!

    Juliette Laura


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