Fringe Shake

(Nicole Miller dress, Romwe sunglasses, Vintage Chanel bag, Black Water Moon “rise above” ring, Vanessa Mooney rings, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT PRESLEY BOOTS//coming soon)

Just before fashion week the boy came home with a little surprise! We’ve been thinking fringe for the longest time, and voillaaaa, the JETT with some western stitching and fringeeee. The moment I got it, I couldn’t stop holding the boot and shaking it with my hand. Talk about one rock n’ roll shoe, bright enough to battle the snow’s rays. We were thinking ELVIS, and so yep, it’s now the new Modern Vice “JETT” Preseley boot, coming soon after many tweaks! Dylana’s got a black pair I’m swooning over, but I went the other route, and had a royal blue pair handmade. Paired alongside a teeny tiny Nicole Miller frock, fresh off the runway, and extra round sunglasses. I’m a sucker for wearing a ton of colors at once. Remember that round sunglass kick I went on around fashion week? Yep, my drawer now has about 5 of them, and I can’t get enough. Anyways, all I have on my mind are SHOES, summer, and yikes, still got loads of travel trip planning ahead. I’m ready to take these booties into Spring with long bohemian maxis, and tailored pants. Elvis would approve.

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