Carousel Rides S/S ’13 featuring the Isola “Adelina” sandal

Another few shots here from my S/S ’13 print campaign, skipping down the Coney Island boardwalk in their Isola sandal. Braids twisted in my hair, bold blocks of color, and a bright yellow sandal. I can’t wait to bare my feet again and dig my toes in the sand on the set of another shoot. Talk about one beautiful blue sky! I’ll be braving this next day of cold, before I am off to Miami tomorrow for work. Bring it on sunshine.

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  2. Em says:

    I am a big fan of any footwear that isn’t flip-flops, and those are the perfect color pop to suit any outfit- maxi dress or denim cut offs.

    Jealous you’re headed to Miami! I can’t believe that tomorrow’s the first day of spring and there’s 8′ of snow on the ground. I need sunshine!

    xoxo, Em


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