A Sweet Escape

(Armani Exchange swimsuit, The 2 Bandits cuffs/ surf ring, Vanessa Mooney ring, Free People plaid skirt)
Okay, so us in NYC are really, really missing the sun right about now!! Ugh, Miami warmth was too good, and so much needed!!! In town for Armani Exchange, I wanted any excuse to put on this A/X one-piece suit. It’s black, white, and fit like a dream. During the A/X Music Lounge, I snuck away to the bathroom to put it on, and make my way to the beach, take a break, and lie under an umbrella before our day ended. Bodies were lathered in oil, and everywhere I turned, everyone was that perfect golden brown. I, of course, being the palest girl on the beach, slathering on sunscreen. I did catch a good amount of sun before the last show, and before the team and I were running back to our hotel in the evening, sans a taxi, in the hot pouring rain! I wasn’t sure with work if I’d even be able to make it to the beach, so all I had were some chunky lace-up boots! And so I came back to my room, and jumped on my bed, with sand in my shoes, some soaking socks, and of course, my bangs stuck to my forehead. But the craziness was all worth it! Miami is a beautiful little escape, full of sunshine and happiness. There were loud tunes at every hotel on the boardwalk, and of course, I had only a light suitcase, filled with swimwear, and little else. I hate having to unpack my damp swimsuits, and mini-dresses and trade them in for giant coats and oversize scarves in the beginning of what is supposed to be Spring! Bring it on summer..I’m waiting for you!! 
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  1. Sabina says:

    Yeah I’m getting a little tired of winter wear myself. Glad you got to get away for a while, even if it was mostly for work. Love these pics. The swimsuit looks great on you and I also dig those bracelets.


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