Sparkles on the Street

I had to take a break yesterday from fashion week for a family tradition, CHINESE NEW YEAR! Gong Xi Fa Choy everyone!!! Wishing you all good health, prosperity, and lots and lots of LOVE. I’m half Chinese, and so every year since I was a baby, my parents would take Dylana and I down to Chinatown, with boba milk teas and red bean buns as snacks in the backseat. We’d watch the colorful dancing dragons as we sat in little sundresses to blow confetti on the streets, before ending our day downing jasmine tea and eating fried rice and dumplings tucked away at our favorite little Chinese joint. Still, to this day, I always keep my fortune cookies in a secret place that go with me everywhere. This year’s Chinese New Year for me was a little bit different! I left Lincoln Center early this Sunday to head downtown, just as Chinatown was slowly quieting down after the long day of celebration and crowded streets. Sparkles covered the floor. The snow’s turned to slush, and honestly, the place looked insane. But still, it was full of color and life…and the little Chinese women greeting me “Gong xi fa choy!” as I walked down the street. I had to say, I left smiling and laughing with my sister and boyfriend as we tried to speak cantonese back. During fashion week, it’s sort of necessary to step out and breath normal life again. And I love every minute of it.
For now, I’m currently flipping through all of my NYFW snapshots. Till I get those up, my Instagram (natalieoffduty) and Vine will keep you in the loop!! 
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