PureDKNY: A Drop of Rose

pureDKNY, shot by Carmen Chan

I’m secretly in love with perfume. I used to always steal my mom’s bottles back home, try mixing them, and making them my own. Now, I keep only a few of my signature scents with me wherever I travel. At the moment, all I’ve been spritzing on each morning is pureDKNY’s Drop of Rose perfume. It’s currently sitting in my new apartment, right next to my green DKNY “Be Delicious” scent…both almost down to their last spritz’s! I use them so much, it’s nuts! But this past month, the clean and simple scent of A Drop of Rose has been lurring me into it’s world. I’ve always been a roses girl…and it’s almost a must to have some pretty fresh flowers in the house. It’s basically my apartment in a bottle…I am addicted to the scent of fresh flowers. I just spray a teeny tiny bit on my wrist and dab a little behind my ears (sometimes I spray my sheets) and I’m good to go. I love all things subtle and beautiful when I’m in my own little world.

See me for DKNY Fragrances, and shop pureDKNY, and donate to 

CARE – a leading humanitarian organization to help lift women out of global poverty, in partnership with DKNY, and help women in need 🙂

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  1. Maria says:

    both dkny perfumes you mentioned are my favorite!!! :)if, like it seems we have similar taste in perfumes..then you really should try estee lauders pure white linen light breeze…! lovely!I myself really want to try the new dkny pure drop of rose since Ive had the first pure..oh and love the pictures!! 😀


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