Our Golden Days

(C&C California “ombre” dress, Vintage sweater, Dylana’s coat, Ax+Apple necklace, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” VINTAGE BENNI boot, JETT MESSENGER bag (now avail in stores at Cloak & Dagger NYC)

I always go to my roof for a little bit of winter’s sun. It’s Saturday morning and I’ve got The Shins softly playing and I’m slowly gearing up for a long weekend ahead. Friday night was spent in my apartment with friends and unexpected visitors, making our own flatbread pizza and lying over the couch with our guitars, playing as movies were on repeat in the background. For some reason, I love making music with the tv on. Talk about a perfect Friday night! When I’m lying around the house, I’m always in jeans and a denim button-down, but I do love my tie-dye and layers, and in warm, golden tones. This maxidress reminds me of the California waves, and it’s a beautiful seafoam green. I can almost taste April in California and I cannot wait. For now, I’ll be downing coffee before spending hours this weekend with the boyfriend at the factory, as we perfect some upcoming styles. Now you can even get our tasseled JETT MESSENGER bag and other MV designs at Cloak & Dagger in the East Village! Their cozy store is always a place I recommend everyone to visit…with it gorgeous little frocks and kickass guitars. Lord knows we all need a little rock n’roll lovin’ in our wardrobes.

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