In my Cabinets

Products would come in gift bags after shows, presents during Christmas, and now, I have a drawer filled with cosmetics that I just might get to. And sometimes the counters of my bathroom are piles of fragrances, mixed in with all my random jewels which I switch up everyday. Right now, I’ve noticed that the less I use, and the less I “care” for my skin, the better it is. A simple moisturizer, some SPF, dabs of concealer, and it’s really the only way to keep my skin feeling clean and fresh. Night it when I get a bit more into it…with an exfoliant and eyecream. It’s really strange. Many of my friends, even my boyfriend, thinks that everyday my face changes. Their not sure what it is? The structure or something they keep telling me! I guess with time, you finally grow into what you’re supposed to look like. Believe me, going back through my photos as a child and every single year I looked like a different person.
Just a few products that made it to my shelf: MAKE Color am/pm cream, Clarin’s Double Serum, Estee Lauder “Idealist” illuminator, Shiseido “White Lucent” eye cream, Kiehl’s body cream)
Anyways, besides these little transformations that come with growing up, I’ve always been a lip girl. I used to not want to highlight my full lips, but now, I’m always seen with different colors. You guys probably remember the year I wouldn’t go a day without red lipstick..well, I still carry a tube in my bag at all times. But even with a plum, and now with Spring….BOLD COLORS! Bright pinks, a coral and subtle orange. I’m having way too much fun. Of course when I’m on the job or headed to castings, I keep everything super minimal. No lipstick, maybe a light stain..or I’ll go with the cat-wing on my eye, just because I can. Why not?! Even models need makeup too ya know. 

(Estee Lauder “Scarlet Siren” red lipstick, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in “Anime” pink lip tar, L’oreal black liner, Rosebud lip salve)

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  1. C.I.A.R. says:

    i love your jewelry and you always look amazing!
    i also noticed that my skin hated it when i wore foundation etc. so i literally do not put anything on my skin.. no foundation, no powder: nothing! i just clean it in the morning + moisturize and same at night and put a mask on every weekend and it does WONDERS! (i recomend egg white + lemon on your face once a week + let dry and then take off with warm water+ moisturize. give it a few months and you’ll see a difference!)


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