Girls Running with the Wind

(Vintage coat, Motel Rocks dress, Thrifted backpack, Belle by Sigerson Morisson “Charis” boots, Black Water Moon rings)
Extreme windy days for us NYC girls, call for tiny little dresses, not-thick-enough tights, and hair…long enough to create a rat’s nest in the wind. Of course I thought it was totally ok to go out in a frock that just barely covered my bum. As did Kelsea…the girl refuses to wear jeans! But still, this colorful mess of a look is still one of my favorite little ensembles. Stripes and plaid. Who knew it’d be like bread and butter! Black, white, burgundy, mustard, navy blue…the old school colors of the rainbow have me smitten. Paired with a tiny little pointed toe bootie, I don’t think the east village had seen anything so colorful on a winter’s day. Even with the cold, everyday is still so go, go, go. With the beautiful light snow just outside my window, I’m ready for one Sunday for hibernation and breakfast in bed.

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  1. Lauren says:

    You two dolls look gorgeous with your “rat’s nests” blowing in the wind! Ultra alluring is this bold stripe and plaid pairing!!!! I’m swooning over this post and enjoying every minute of my daily read of Natalie off Duty!!!!!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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