Bumming It

(Vintage Coat, Ainsley velvet  blazer, American Rag striped blouse, Current + Elliot “Panhand” boyfriend jeans, Vintage Chanel, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice VINTAGE JETT boot, Karen London rings)
Patched up knees, coats the size of a wooly-mammoth, and beanies. Yes, it’s winter and almost so unbearably cold that all I feel like doing is bumming it. Everything is suddenly oversize and it’s completely acceptable to swim in your jeans (well, when they’re Current Elliot). Every single day I have to throw that one extra piece over me just to get to the subway. And with fashion week, all I really want to be do is run from show to show in little frocks and cute leather jackets! Believe me, I’ve already stepped out in little things that are so NOT winter appropriate. It’s nearly been day 1 to fashion week and already there’s event after event, drink after drink, and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and take a cat nap. For now, I’ll be around Lincoln Center. First stop? BCBG, and ending tonight at Kenneth Cole. See you there!

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