Behind the Scenes Film: Pennyblack S/S ’13 coming soon!

I am beyond excited to share with you a sneak peek glimpse into my shoot with Italy’s PENNYBLACK S/S ’13 collection! The magalog is just about to be realeased (I’m dying to get my hands on the issue) but for now, I’ve got this killer behind the scenes PORTRAIT film to share. Here I am photographed by my my amazing friend and photographer, Kelsea Kosko, out in the dreamy beaches of Montauk. I don’t know what I’d do without her! The collection was filled with beautiful pastels, mixed in with bold reds, and lots of prints. I have to say, I still think of those gorgeous platform Mary-Jane shoes, and flat sandals. Can it be summer already?! This past July when we shot this, seems like yesterday…everything from our long drive from the city to Montauk, to early mornings at the Surf Lodge, running through the windy beaches, hiking with our crew through the green lush just to shoot on a giant cliff overlooking the ocean. Talk about daring! We were given complete creative freedom for the shoot. The styling, the locations, everything was a spur of the moment shot, and it was perfect. I already miss our crew and rad van which took us all over the island. It was our little home for  that warm, rainy day. I think the unexpected rain made the mood for our shoot even more special. Stay tuned for the magalog and interview!

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  1. Panty Buns says:

    You look fabulous! That’s quite a ride to get all the way out to Montauk! Yes, the beaches in Montauk and all along the South Shore (Amagansett, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Southampton) are all lovely – and so are you and all of the outfits you’re modeling here – I’m watching the video PENNYBLACK – Spring/Summer 2013 Portrait: Natalie Suarez – YouTube while logged in there as well. Gorgeous! I love the red pants on the gold sofa, the floral outfit on the nature Preserve trail, the glimpse of Queen Anne’s Lace – I love those pink crocheted pants! The florals are nice too. You have very pretty lips. It’s amazing how many outfits, looks and locales there are crammed in to that 1:09 minute video. That floral dress is pretty – all of the outfits are. You really are lovely. I’m sure you’ll be doing many more fashion shoots out on the East End in the future, hopefully during the most pleasant weather. There are a lot of stars who come out toward the Hamptons. Kelsea Koskos photos of you wearing Pennyblack are beautiful.


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