Velvet Youth

(C&C California velvet top, SW3 Bespoke Coat, Urban striped dress, Vanessa Mooney necklace, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT JODPHUR boots, Vintage Chanel bag)

If I could have a room in velvet, I really would. In winter, I deck myself in velvet…whether it be a vampy black maxi and low back, or oversize velvety top over a little dress. It’s a big gypsy, a bit rock, and a whole lotta love. I’ve got two of these tops in different colors, they’re just that good! These were snapped around Christmas, back home in LA. Somehow, I don’t know how they got missing, but I’m happy I rediscovered them! We did everything LA natives do while in town…mall-crawl, and drive from Silverlake out to the westside, all while blasting old Zeppelin tunes, before grabbin burgers and sloppily eating in the car with a lap-full of napkins. I spent the whole time under this hat…it’s been left behind in my old bedroom for years. This vintage beauty has now happily made it to my NYC apartment! 

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  1. Tati Reyes says:

    Your blog is just so beautiful! I look forward to your posts every single time and I’m saving up my money to buy a pair of your shoes! Stay amazing.


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