The Perfect Smock

Really nothing beats a killer SMOCK. It’s just one piece I’ve found that I can wear over and over and over. Summer, winter, I want to show some leg already! Anyways, this rockin’ leopard hat has also become my new obsession. Of course it was a Christmas gift from Dylana, the gypsy goddess that she is!! She honestly always knows what I like. I’ve got a hat addiction and I’m not really ashamed to admit it. This week I’ve still been slowly unpacking in the new apartment, and I cannot believe all my long lost treasures…it’s time to bring it all back this coming month. For now, take a peek-y here at our LIPSTICK GHILLEY boot, it’s pretty rad huh? We took the JETT last, made laces, a double removable kiltie, and vintage tassels. It is now my new rock n’roll boot. Wondering when I can get my hands on a snake pair to get a bit more wild! Off to the factory to see what I can do…

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74 Responses to The Perfect Smock

  1. Kate Funk says:

    These photos are stunning. I love the one where you are tying your shoe. Random thought, how do people get stickers so high up on traffic lights/signs/etc. I always think that’s cool. Anywho love your look, hope you have a great week, good luck unpacking!!

  2. Josvil says:

    ¡Un look muy bonito!
    Los esmoquins de mujer quedan genial, igual que a los hombres. Ir en traje es muy elegante y, si lo acompañas con complementos como has hecho tú, añades gemelos, corbata o pajarita, queda un outfit muy completo.
    Un saludo.


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