The Making Of

Spring with the JETT MESSENGER

Here’s a little into how we made the bag in the Modern Vice factory! Sometimes the little details on a bag are my favorite….from a tiny piece of hardware, to the lining. With our Modern Vice JETT MESSENGER, we went with a bold, luxurious, red suede lining. It feels so rich, and I love that beautiful contrast. From finalizing our sketch, to perfecting the pattern, to making the first bag in the sample room…everything was done by hand. It’s really the only way to do it when you want to make something so gorgeous, and see it get done right in front of you. I’m currently already dreaming of sporting it this Spring, biking down the Lower East Side, in nothing but a short floral frock, floppy hat, and distressed vintage boot. This bad boy slung over my right shoulder. Talk about perfection.

And thank you NYLON mag for the killer review!
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