Say hello to the “REBEL YELL”

And here, we have another “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” exclusive,
 We’ve had this gorgeous Italian leather American Flag leather around, and always, it was in the back of our minds. We wanted to do something with it. A bag, a backpack, something. It wasn’t until my distressed denim jacket was literally falling apart, and I had to take it in to the MV factory for some repair, that we came up with one of our favorite products. First, I ended up having the team patch up existing rips with leather. We then found rolls of our distressed flag leather back in the leather room, and found ourselves taking the perfectly sized flag, and having it cut, and stitched beautifully down it’s entire back. Talk about wicked. Yep, here in the Manhattan MV factory, we can do just about anything, at anytime. I cannot live without an oversize denim jacket, especially come Spring. I’m pretty proud of this denim/leather beauty!
Our custom vintage denim jackets are now available to purchase HERE on, next to our JETT boot collection!
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