Recording in Session

Yep, I’m in the middle of recording songs for my latest project with DKNY Fragrances as their Core Girl, and this is just one song I threw into the mix. It’s a little bit love, it’s a whole lot of sexy, and for being recorded in one afternoon, I say we did pretty good. Here, I was in Brooklyn jamming with the incredible Scott Seader of The Sinclairs!! He’s so rad! And he can really work that killer electric guitar! I’m devoting this year to more and more music, and I’m taking everything I’ve written in my notebook from the years…all the little things that inspire me, and throwing it out there. Music has always been something so personal and secretive to me. Now I finally have it in me to begin sharing. I hope you love it!

Take a listen to my first ever original track, FACTORY, and follow my Soundcloud for more updates on my music. And you can now download as well!! 🙂
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60 Responses to Recording in Session

  1. Lucía Franqueira says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeees. I love your style !!!!!!!!!
    your musical style,
    your style of clothing,
    your style when designing shoes.
    I love your style in everything! hahahaha. great strength and good luck in your journey in the world of music.

    with love, Lucía.

  2. chachamisu says:

    It’s first time I heard your voice, sounds wonderful, deeper than I thought. I would like the song more dynamic but I already like it anyway. Wish you the best from your talent and more wonderful life with music Natalie! Would like to see the video too!



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