Our Boots hit San Francisco!

Oh, how I miss you sooo San Francisco! I have a secret love for huddling under umbrellas on your rainy streets and tucking away for soup in your tiny cafes. I still dream of those rows of vintage frocks (heaven) in the Haight. San Fran always reminds me of the 90’s and my childhood. Everything from the little restaurants to the charming little townhomes. My parents always called San Fran such a romantic city. My boyfriend and I were in town just around the holidays for our Modern Vice boots event at Rand + Statler, right on Hayes Street. I already miss the laidback Cali style…the boys, the whiskey, and nubby coats. How adorable is the Rand + Statler store…and with our “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT collection! The flats are coming soon for Spring/Summer, and of course, our ever expanding boot collection is only looking better and better. I’m so excited working on our Spring shoes…all the colors, and dainty little flats. For now, I’m sitting back and getting nostalgic. I can’t wait to visit the bay again, and stay for even more days, to explore this rock n’roll heaven.
Stay tuned for my Rand + Statler x Modern Vice film photoshoot, shot right at Fisherman’s Wharf, coming soon!
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58 Responses to Our Boots hit San Francisco!

  1. ponyhunter says:

    How exciting! Your shoe collab looks AMAZING, what a terrific project to get involved in. I’m heading in the direction of San Fran in a few months time and your photos and description has me more excited than ever!!

  2. kiss me quick says:

    I hope you’ll never decide to shut down your blog. Seriously, I really enjoy following it.

    Your style is so interesting and unique. You use the trends and put together something completely original. Not fashion oriented, but reflecting your personality and mood. Thats what I feel like clothes should be about.

    Most fashion bloggers are completely obcessed with being always using every trend that comes out and take all the magic and art out of style.

    Thank you for the constant inspiration ^^



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