Old School Charm

I miss old school dressing…the cardigans, tiny smock dresses, all topped off with a heavy shearling coat. In a burnt red, and bold blue, it reminds me of my LA school’s colors. We were the Indians and I have to admit, we were pretty darn rad. Here, I’m caught on the steps of an old building in Philadelphia, right by my sister’s home. The city is full of old-school charm, and I could sit on it’s steps any day of the weekend and chat up a storm with Dylana. It wasn’t long before she reached over and snagged my little Teddy case…how adorable is this thing?! I have no idea why I’m so smitten by it…it’s so giant and squishy, doesn’t quite fit in my pocket, but sure turns heads on the subway.  I have a feeling it’s going to be passed around our group of friends before I ever get the little thing back. Anyways, I’m still currently awaiting my very own JETT MESSENGER from the Modern Vice factory…the boyfriend is promising it very soon! Then, I can finally stop snagging this sample from the showroom. 

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