IPPOLITA: The Stella Collection

Sneak a peek inside my latest campaign for IPPOLITA jewelry, shot right down here in the Bowery! Featuring their latest pieces in their new Stella collection. I’m a total jewelry girl, whether it be layering a ton of bracelets and bangles on one wrist, or putting a statement ring on the other…I never leave the house without a ton of jewels, no matter where I go. I feel naked without them. I can barely wear gloves anymore with all the things wrapped around my fingers and wrists. For the shoot, I fell in love with the turquoise stones (and with diamonds!) but they were so subtle that I felt I can still just wear them dressed down with a long tie-dyed dress, and wide-brimmed hat. The clinking of the jewels on my wrist may have been the best part of our filming…the bangles are a bit gypsy, but rather, a gypsy with some really luxurious taste in jewelry 🙂 

Take a peek inside our film, and follow more into the campaign on Ippolita, and enter to win the Stella Mini Teardrop Necklace here.

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