Forever Sunday

Happy Sunday! I love crazy weekends at home in the city…and in our new apartment! Already, we’ve hung our huge paintings on the wall, spilled wine (thankfully didn’t stain our rug), and chased around our friend’s crazy kid. It’s finally beginning to feel like home. This morning we’ve got bagels on delivery, and a day of thrifting with the sister on the itinerary. I’m dying to get back into recording more songs this week, so it looks like I’ve got loads to think about. For now, give me an oversize coat, a flared jean, and oversize hat…I don’t want this lazy Sunday to come to an end.
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46 Responses to Forever Sunday

  1. Lyrica Onyrica says:

    Sunday bloodymary sunday…. haaaaaaa (so bad, I know).

    For me, a pyjama it’s enough hahahaha 😀 Specially when it’s rainy…

    …but I would of course take that galss of wine too! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!!

    Lots of love!! and go on with those songs!!

  2. baran says:

    I’ve followed your blog for a long time , and I love your style. Also you should absolutely put up a photo of your persian carpet! I can’t wait to see what was your choice 😉


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