Inside Gisele Japan January ’13!

Ever since my feature here in Gisele Japan’s latest January ’13 issue, all I have on my mind is Tokyo. Their magazines are mind blowing, and I can spend hours flipping through, looking at all the colorful images.  Much love to Gisele Japan for the lovely feature! These are all images from some of my recent travels. From my weeks exploring London and Paris in chunky black Dr. Martens and JETT boots, before making my way back to NYC in all colors of our latest Modern Vice shoe design, the BENNI. When I’m in London, I wear tons of black, camo, and of course, gotta have my hats! Clearly, my black little Supertrash hat remains one thing I never leave home without.

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30 Responses to Inside Gisele Japan January ’13!

  1. Lyrica Onyrica says:

    Oh! Fantastic! must be so proud of appearing in a japanese style book! Congrats!

    Hope you’re having lovely holidays! Happy new year!


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    More items coming!!

    Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Anthea says:

    Love it! I actually spent two years in Japan and went to two Tokyo Fashion Weeks! Their fashion is outstanding and I follow Tokyo Street Fashion on FB to keep an eye on what’s going on there!

  3. Alice says:

    Gisele Japan?
    How much cooler can you get Natalie?!

    Tokyo and Japan in general is just absolutely fantastic. The style there is so fun and eclectic while the food is delicious and the scenery is amazing. While I’ve never leafed through any Japanese magazines, I have no doubt that they’re fabulous and just as full of color as the streets are!

    I’m really digging all these photos of you featured in Gisele Japan. There’s so much inspiration for me to take into account in the upcoming year. Not to mention that these images pretty much cement the fact that I need to get myself some fabulous boots and a wicked cool hat to be even close to as amazing as you!
    While I may not be able to get ahold of those amazing boots that you and Dylana designed, I’ve definitely taken in plenty of inspiration for pieces that I need to fill my closet with, among which are some funky booties and perhaps a pair of Dr. Martens.

    Congrats on your feature girl!
    Happy holidays and a happy early New Year <3



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