Moonlighting in Morocco

(Muubaa quilted leather biker jacket, We are Handsome dress, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” Cheetah BENNI boots, Marie Turnor bag)

Day 1 in Morocco? DOWN. What started off as a morning haggling at the rug shop, turned out to be an amazing day full of traditional Moroccan sweet tea and some adorable purchases. The girls and I made sure to get up just a few hours after we’ve landed for a bright and early start. We have the most adorable driver, so going around the city in the insane traffic is still so much fun! Plus, our van is pretty rad. Once we finally made our way to the markets, I found just what I was looking for: the bold Moroccan colors, prints, and patterns. At the rug shop, about 50 rugs were laid out for us, and if we didn’t like them we all said “nooo” in Berber… but I said “yes” to one that I really liked..and almost walked home with a rug, until I had to finally tell the guy I simply haven’t exchanged money yet! But I wish I did, the handcrafted pieces are so beautiful. I see myself draping the colorful rugs and blankets on my apartment walls back home. Of course, we eventually made it to the outdoor markets. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the arches, the people, and of course, our random encounters with cats. I did walk away with a few tassels to bring back home, along with yet another embroidered leather handbag. Sometimes I get sucked in when there’s a good bargain. Today, we’re having a slow morning, recovering from our night of cous cous and wine, before another wild day out in Casablanca. We never quite know what to expect anymore, but that’s the beauty of traveling in a foreign place isn’t it?

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  1. fatima says:

    Countries like Morocco, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia – they have such amazing textiles and lovely handicrafts. The colors of the streets, the heartbeat of a nation filled with artistic enthusiasm – it’s so heartening to see such amazing cultural expression like that. Lovely photographs, I would love to visit Morocco one day. I ate at a Moroccan cafe last weekend and it was absolutely lovely. They had so many vintage Moroccan antiques lining the shelves of the store for sale!

    Lovely photographs, Natalie. Your outfit, the atmosphere, those stunning model-esque poses … perfect (:

    Love, Fatima fashionpilgrim
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  2. Emily Ulrich says:

    There are two things I especially love the color of in this post: for one, your dress, it’s absolutely beautiful and the unbuttoned leg was well played; two, the rug featured beneath your little toesies, it reminds me of a piece I saw in this old antique barn last summer. All so beautiful!


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