At Eye Level

Lately, my fringe has come to eye-level, and though I find myself moving them out of the way, I still love this overgrown look. I am coming super close to giving these babies a trim. But first, more of my Paul Mitchell curl confessions are here! I spent time upstate in the mountains, so I’ve completely cut down my hair routine. No curlers, no nothing! I didn’t want to waste any time during my stay in Woodstock that and I would only jump in the shower, use the Detangling Shampoo and Conditioner, towel dry, and go. Hippies agree, less is certainly more when it comes to the locks, especially when you can drive with the window’s down to dry off. I’m just extremely happy I didn’t have to come home with dreads again! The crisp air up there is just one other thing that keeps everything falling into place.

This month, upload your own #curlconfession photo to Paul Mitchell, to be projected live in the Bowery of NYC and also in LA on the 15th (6pm EST)! It’s going to be rad. 

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