A Mysterious Mountain

(B.B. Dakota sweater and coat, Stylestalker button-down, James Jeans “High Class Skinnies” in Dark Paris, Thrifted backpack, Feiyue sneakers)
I want to take you back to one of the most beautiful days I’ve had in the longest time. Hiking up the mountains of Woodstock, we picked up two hitch-hikers (who happened to be the cutest couple ever!) before stumbling upon this gorgeous Buddhist temple. I have never seen anything like it. The colorful cloths with written script blowing in the wind, tied to the trees…and not just one row, they were everywhere. From tree to tree surrounding the entire place. It was festive and eery at the same time. What we thought was going to be an easy hike, turned out to be hours long…the higher we got, the colder it got! A sweater, some thick socks, along with my new everyday jean: these high-waisted James Jeans. They really are my dream pair of pants. I wear them cuffed, uncuffed, and with everything from flats to boots, but this time…sneakers, for our hike! Along the way we discovered a torn down old building with staircases, rusted shutters, and all covered in moss. At the top, I was breathless, but it was worth it. We climbed up a tower so old, I was worried it was unstable, but it gave us the best view of all the mountains! The fog made it all the more magical. After we finally made it down, I made a note to snuggle in the seat of the car with the heater blasting on the way back to Woodstock. It felt amazing! This was all before we kept running into the hitchhikers everywhere we went in from then on. The town is so small, I guess it’s only normal to have these encounters! I live for these random adventures…when you make the plans as you go. And everything looks like a movie.
And now for another adventure. Today is my birthday woot woot! I am so excited for a late night celebration in the city with friends, but mostly, I’m beyond excited for my sister to get here! You know it’s going to be crazy when you’ve got two Suarez sisters in the same place! Time for a killer weekend, now that things are slowly falling into place after the hurricane. I’ve got loads to do before my next huge trip, MOROCCO!
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  1. Norbyah says:

    happy birthday!!! i was thinking about you during the hurricane this week. glad you’ve kept clear of the chaos, for the most part. my sisters both are pretty affected. the one in the west village still has no power, but luckily the one in brooklyn does, so she is there with her two kids. sadly, the gallery where my brooklyn sister works is totally trashed.
    can’t wait to see pics of morocco. i so want to go there.


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