Travel Curl Confessions

When I’m traveling, the last thing I want to worry about is my hair. That’s why I now never leave my house without a leave-in conditioning treatment. My favorite? By Paul Mitchell. It’s saved my whole Euro trip! Even my sister became so obsessed that we both shared it, using up the whole bottle in just a few days. It’s my new must-have for the plane, where my hair can get super tangly as I doze off, dreaming of my next destination. It helps brush out the tangles after days without a hairbrush. Yes, I’ known for coming close to dreads after any vacation! Traveling and moving from city to city always gets my hair in a rut, but I think I’ve finally found the perfect solution. Time to take the hat off!
I want to hear your curl confession as well! Find all my favorite products by Paul Mitchell at a salon near you here!

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  1. Sonia JCVD's secret daughter says:

    Gosh! Do you realize that the man with the blue jacket is really famous here in France?! 😀 (je suis française by the way). His name is Michou! and he is famous in the cabaret universe. Hihi!
    Glad you love our country! If i’d known u were coming, i’ll give you some tips about places to go and eat 🙂
    Gros bisous de Paris!
    Sonia, JCVD’s secret daughter


    Well, your photos are flawless, as always! Very inspiring to me. Would love if you could check out my newly started blog and perhaps we could chat.
    My secret is baby powder. It’s really similar to a dry shampoo and works wonders.


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