The Pumpkin Benni

The “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” pumpkin BENNI boot is one of the most beautiful shoes we’ve ever created in the NYC factory. Finding the perfect, most rich shade of burnt orange was difficult, but we did it. And now, the Benni is perfect! And what better to be released than in October! I’m living in the fuschia here in New York as Dylana is running around Philly in her pumpkin pair! Currently featured on Stylecaster, Elle, and Fashion Indie, it’s true…every girl needs a one-of-a-kind beautiful shoe that kind of smacks you in the face the moment you step outside. The colors just really make me swoon. I just want to take them out on a gloomy day in the countryside, where they’ll really pop. Right now, we’re even making oiled black suede Benni’s in the factory! I’ve been dreaming of this simple, clean boot in all black for the longest time. 
The Benni is now available in fuschia, pumpkin, and black suede on

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