Made with Love

(Vintage crochet sweater, Supertrash lace dress and hat, Rebecca Minkoff bag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” suede BENNI boots)
This colorful knit sweater was a little something my sister left behind in my apartment, and yep, I’ve kind of taken it, and made it my own. The colors and fit are a bit odd, but after a second glance, I became obsessed with it. It’s something I see an adorable grandma hand knit for her kids, but instead, ended up at a thrift shop…at Dy’s house…now mine. I still have it stashed away in my closet, hoping Dylana doesn’t notice it’s now mine. Pieces like these are what I’ll be throwing in my suitcase to Woodstock this weekend. I can’t wait for more all-american thrifting, some hippie sightings, and of course, frolicking by the lakes. Maybe even jumping on a horse or two! This week has been intense, but of course, spectacular, with the launch of our Modern Vice BENNI boots. Not only did we just release our surprise cheetah and black ponyhair boots TODAY, but they’re been featured on just about every one of my favorite magazines. I can hardly keep track of all the press. This little trip to Woodstock is going to be a nice break for Halloween…and just what I need for a little inspiration.
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