Hippies Welcome

Sometimes it’s only necessary to grab your things, hop in the car, and go. This time, Woodstock was our destination. Just over 2 hours outside the city, I needed that change of pace. Woodstock’s no doubt sleepy and calm, but it still oozes cool. I quickly fell in love with this quaint little town where colorful signs flashing peace signs filled the sidewalks. It brought me back to hippie mode, something that I’ve always been afraid city life would take away from me. First thing? I whipped out my high rise flared jeans. They were just what I needed for this quick trip. I had Janis, Jimi, and Dylan on my mind the entire time I was packing. I’ve always admired that eclectic way of dressing, and so only packed a few things that could be mixed and matched, even if they didn’t really go together. What better time to bring out the navajo prints and colorful denim? Anyways, Woodstock was just what I expected. Everyone kind of knows everyone. There are only a few cafes and shops, but the appreciation for the music that’s come and gone is mind blowing. I wish I could go back in time, when everyone wore flared jeans and had flowers in their hair. I wouldn’t mind spending another weekend here.

Hippies welcome. 

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  1. sweet road says:

    My boyfriend lives in Woodstock so I spend a lot of time there. It is so beautiful, I love it! It’s so relaxing, there is a ton of great food, and nothing beats a walk through the woods or a drive on the country roads where you can find a million gorgeous views.


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