Black Bennis and a Pair of Concert Tickets

WIN: 2 tickets to see The XX here in NYC this Friday, October 26th!
 I’ve had these two The XX tickets for their NYC show this Friday night at the beautiful Paradise Theater, sitting in my wallet for months. I’m actually off to Woodstock this week and so I want to treat a lucky reader to go see the show instead! I’m sure it’s going to be so insanely good, they’re one band I can listen to for hours and hours! I’m also introducing our new black Modern Vice BENNI boot, designed by Dylana and I here in the NYC factory. They’re basically what we’ve worn for nights on end, dancing to our favorite gigs. The oiled suede surprisingly looks better after it’s been a little beat up! 

To win these two tickets to The XX, simply comment below with how you’d style either the pumpkin, fuschia, or black suede
“Natalie + Dylana x Modern Vice” BENNI boot! 

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I’m excited to hear how you guys get creative! Here we go guys…to everyone in NYC! Winner will be announced by Thursday! xx

38 Responses to Black Bennis and a Pair of Concert Tickets

  1. Shannon Stickman says:

    I would stylize the look of the fuschia shoes. Simplicity is elegance, so placing a dark grey or black skinny pant with a simple black fitted tshirt or a dark grey if the pant is black! Tying in the jewelry with the color of the shoe, and a slouchy cross-body back in mustard tones or emerald green! I WOULD LOVE to win those tickets!!!!

  2. JESSICA says:

    id literally wear these shoes with every single outfit i own.
    but for a particular example…id wear black stalkings with a black little flowy mini skirt…my fav miike snow worn out concert t… a flannel and the black benni’s …maddness jewelry and a vanessa mooney frilly satchel


  3. MizzBerlyn says:

    I would style my outfit with the fuchsia boots. I dress with simple pieces so…black skinny pants with a loose fitting grey shirt. Tying in my thrifted emeral / blue oversized florial blazer. I would also add layered silver and gold necklaces. (Yes… Some may disagree but I like how it looks with grey 🙂 ) I just like pop of colors and I think they would suit the boots. I just moved here from Costa Mesa I think this would be an AMAZING first concert in the big city!!!!

  4. Emily Ulrich says:

    I wish I was close enough to take advantage! Distance is, of course, a major pain.

    I would pair those fuschia kicks with a graphic orange tank and this structured orange patent leather mini skirt I saw on My-Wardrobe not too long ago. Add an obsenely oversized blazer and voila! 😉

  5. Jessica Granato says:

    Love this shoe! The suede Benni is an absolutely amazing classic. I am drawn to color, and swear the pumpkin can be worn with (almost) anything. I would pair the pumpkin Benni with my reworked vintage pleated polka dot mini dress (top portion is button down 3/4 sleeve with white collar). I would have the dress buttoned to the top, and layer on some vintage pearls, gold studs, thin gold watch, and deep red lipstick. Bare legs for this warm autumn, but could also be paired with two-toned black (sheer in the front, opaque in the back) stockings for a chillier day.

    Modern Vice, you are amazing. Keep up the good work making modern classics and keeping the women of the world looking chic and effortless. I would LOVE to see the XX. So so much.

  6. Heather Briggs says:

    Woo! The BENNI is so cute, I’d love to have a fuchsia pair to style with some black skinnies, a sheer top, camo jacket and tons of rings and bracelets! (Ideally I’d be wearing this outfit to a The XX concert 😉 )

    You’re so awesome, Natalie!


  7. Taisa V. says:

    I would style the pumpkin Natalie + Dylana X Modern Vice BENNI boot with my vegan leather pants from Free People and an oversized sweater with a horse face on it from Joie. And obvi, tons of rings and bracelets! XOXO

  8. Emma Kepley says:

    Hey beautiful!

    I absolutely am obsessed with your boots that both of you have created and constantly am following and keeping up with you on instagram and your blog of course. The colors are all perfect and would go with many things I think I would style the black first because I tend to gravitate more towards neutrals because they are slimming. So with the black suede
    “Natalie + Dylana x Modern Vice” BENNI boot I would have a vintage band tee that is probably a guys old band T-shirt at some point and have it over a dress that is black dress with small white polka dots on it and the end of the dress will act as a skirt that is frilly and flows nice of course to add some patterns and simple black tights not ones that are thick but thin so you can see some leg, haha and of course a black leather jacket to keep the edgy but simple rock look that is comfortable and perfect and ready for a concert with the ever so amazing black suede
    BENNI boot. BY that point if you wanted to pop with color I would change out the shoe color!

    I hope to be picked for your contest!

    -Emma Jane

  9. Sheila says:

    Fuschia Benni Boot – j brand black leather slightly cropped skinny pants, light gray circle hem tank top with a black loose knit sweater over it, khaki trench coat with quilted leather sleeves, an extremely thin silver ring and a black theyskens theory messenger bag

    Black Benni Boot – emerald green velvet mini circle skirt, equipment sleeveless black silk tank tucked in, vintage black cardigan with geometric patterns in purple and green, zara quilted leather jacket, an extremely thin silver ring and black makr backpack

    …I’m very detail oriented and apparently on a leather kick right now.

  10. jessica wu says:

    mmm gorgeous boots, love Modern Vice so much.

    I would style the black Benni with sheer tights, a leather a-line skirt, a vintage concert tee, a red plaid unbuttoned button down (haha), a faded blue suede moto jacket, a structured black shoulder satchel, and silver&turquoise hardware!

    following on fb and insta, of course 🙂



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